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 Peaks and Troughs


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In everyone's life, not all days are equal. Some are peaks and others troughs, especially I suspect for artists of any type whose work comes from inside themselves.

I paint, make or create every day.

Yesterday I spent eight hours on two small paintings.

Both ended up in the bin. At times like that you think, "have I lost it? Will it (whatever 'it' might be) ever come back?" "Were any paintings I was pleased with just a flash in the pan?"

Yesterday was a trough.

Today I relaxed into just having fun with no expectations and started something completely different.

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I am working at an online workshop with the fabulous team at Bridge House Art. Regardless of how the rest the weekend goes, today feels like a 'peaking' day.

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Onwards and upwards - not forgetting to eat and drink at some point today!